10 Inch Class Electric Driven Blast hole Drill

This is our flag ship. The biggest and the most powerful drill available in the Indian market. The SK-60 is a crawler mounted unit that can handle 80% of large hole drilling requirements at about half of the cost of the larger machines. Designed specifically for Coal Mining, the SK-60 is highly maneuverable, propelling from hole to hole rapidly. The mast can be quickly load and raised with drill pipe in place ... especially valuable for long moves.


Rated capacity:

7 7/8"(20 cm) - 11" (28 cm) dia. Holes using 6 1/2" (16.5 cm) 8 5/8" (21.9 cm) OD drill rod

Pull down:

Through hydraulic cylinder and chain system 70000 lbs (31798 kgs)

Rotary drive system:

Hydraulic top drive through closed loop system using axial piston motor of 150 HP, Rotational speed infinitely variable 0-135 RPM.

Air compressor:

Rotary twin screw compressor delivering 1200 cfm (33.9 cu.m/min) @ 100 psig (7.kg/cm2)

Power system:

500 HP 3300V/6600V TEFC motor

Rod handling:

Automatic rod changer with indexing to carry 3 rods (total 4-rods on drill)

Drill rod:

8.5/8" (21.9 cm) OD x 35 ft (10.7 m) long with BECO threads.

Hydraulic system:

Comprising of two numbers axial piston for powering rotary head and track. The gear type pumps are use for driving for powering auxiliary operation like Mast Raising - Lowering, Leveling Jacks, Breakout system etc.

Crawler propel:

Powered by axial piston motors total power 300 HP through planetary drive. Propel speed 2.8 kmph and gradeability 40% Track width 30" (76.2cm).Overall crawler length 218" (554cm) ground pressure 12.2 psig (0.80 kg/cm2)

Leveling system:

Two rear jacks of 36" (91.44 cm) stroke and one front jack of 48" (121.92 cm) stroke jacks provided with safety check valves.


Heavy duty tubular steel mast raised or lowered by two hydraulic cylinders fitted with safety check valves, mast provided with air actuated locking system.

Dust control:

The drill is equipped with low maintenance, compact dry type dust collector(LMP DC-300 Series).

Operators cab:

Two man cab provided as standard. All controls and gauges are located in a wide and completely steel and glass cab.

Control console:

All drilling functions are monitored and controlled from a control panel through push-pull Bowden cables, logically arranged in functional groups, valve bank is placed outside the cabin for easy maintenance.

Other standard fitment:

Hydraulic breakout wrench, bit adapter, bit basket , night lighting , 8000 lbs auxiliary winch, table bushing, air operated slap wrench and a set of standard tools.


Water injection system.

6 ft (183 cm) high machinery housing cover for deck with cat walk and including automatic fire extinguishing system.

Cab insulation.

Higher capacity.

Angle hole drilling kit.

PC Based Data Logger.



  In meters
A 14.5
B 2.99
C 4.95
D 13.11
E 3.33
F 1.33
G 4.56
H 3.4



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